Vocabulary Word Clouds

Remember back in school when you would learn vocab words? You’d have this long list of words and you’d have to come up with a definition for each one.

Now that’s a perfectly great way to learn vocab words, but since I am such a Hot Mess, I needed a better system.

You see, I could come up with word lists, but then I’d have to keep track of each list, make sure that the kids were memorizing through the week, and then remember on Fridays to give each kid a test.

I’m not so great at that sort of thing.

However, last year, I remembered that the whole point of learning vocab words is so that kids can express themselves in creative and interesting ways. If they know synonyms (along with some of the connotations for the synonyms) they will have a wide and varied vocabulary.

So I started making word clouds for the kids for each week. I’d post them on the fridge right above the water dispenser. Even when I am filling my water glass, my eyes rove over the word clouds and learn more synonyms for our weekly word.

One week we learned synonyms for hilarious when my oldest daughter was over-using that word. Every time she’d say something was hilarious, we’d start chiming in with other words to explain that something was funny. (Humorous, Comical, a Scream!)

Other weeks we learned synonyms for food and disgusting.

Here’s our word cloud for disgusting. I created it on a site called tagxedo.com. It’s a free program. I simply highlighted all of the synonyms for disgusting on thesaurus.com and pasted them into the taxedo program and printed it on heavy cardstock.


My plan is to create a new word cloud each week this school year.

We’ll see how it goes.


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