The Corkboard

My refrigerator gets covered with stuff constantly.

For some reason, this annoys me. I think it’s because the constant opening and closing of the fridge puts papers in the floor quite a bit. I have enough clutter in my kitchen floor without a barrage of paper every time the fridge is opened. I’m not a super organized neat freak, but I need to try to minimize the amount of mess in the house.

So I solved my problem by buying a new corkboard for the kitchen. I love it! I can keep my household papers handy, including my shopping list and menu. I also have a place for the calender, our Word Clouds, and our chore chart.

The handy dandy clampy things give me a spot to stick coupons so that I might actually use them before they expire.

I bought a plain corkboard on sale at Hobby Lobby for about 12 dollars. I bought a pretty stencil and some paint for about 4 dollars. Last, the clamps set me back about 2 dollars. So for 18 bucks, I have a corkboard for my kitchen that is both functional and pretty.

What do you think?



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. oakblossoms
    Aug 20, 2014 @ 21:34:12

    That is seriously cute!

    Have you ever watched Portlandia. There is a part called, “Put a Bird on it.” You can probably find it on youtube. It is hilarious.


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