Proud Mama to an Average Child

Years ago, I posted this on a homeschooling message board.  I still feel this way. I thought I would share it so that other moms could proudly acknowledge their own average children.

I am the proud mother of an average child. When I started homeschooling, my oldest daughter was making me proud. She was reading at 4 and raring to go. Even now she is doing quite well in her studies, a fact of which I am proud.

But my second daughter has been a different story. Learning is not as easy for her. While she can do 9 back handsprings in a row, she’s ….average. In school anyway.

And I am SO proud of her.

What she has is diligence (she keeps trying, even when it is hard), compassion (she feels so bad for others when they are struggling because she knows what it is like), patience (when I’ve explained things about 20 times and I’m getting frustrated she is still so patient with me) and she is just so much fun to be around.

My oldest daughter is so smart and a great kid. But so is my second daughter.

Book learning is great.

But along the way, I’ve had to learn that schoolwork is such a small part of our lives… there’s so much more to it, and being average in school is just fine with me, as long as she’s trying hard and doing her best!



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