Word Nerd Games: Hink Pink

I love word games. My kids and I have always had fun playing word games  and inventing riddles with each other, and I love game shows like NPR’s Ask Me Another. In that vein, I’m going to share some of the fun games that we play with one another. I’m going to start writing them down so we can play them at parties with our friends.

This word game is what we call “Hink Pink.” The riddle is solved by a pair of rhyming words.

So for instance,”A humorous hare” would be a “Funny Bunny.”

Here goes. The answers will be at the bottom.


  1. Torn up camping equipment
  2.  Weak man
  3. Trojan Horse
  4. Summer Song
  5. Camelot
  6. Cape Canaveral
  7. Sad Marsupial
  8. Animal Trainer
  9.  False Gem
  10.  Moby Dick

Ready for the answers?

Scroll way down!














  1. Torn up camping equipment—rent tent
  2. Weak man—frail male
  3. Trojan Horse—Phony Pony
  4. Summer Song—June Tune
  5. Camelot–Knight Site
  6. Cape Canaveral—Space Place
  7. Sad Marsupial—Blue Kangaroo
  8. Animal Trainer—Creature Teacher
  9. False Gem—Mock Rock
  10. Moby Dick—Whale Tale

Can you think of some hink pinks yourself?


If so, feel free to share a few below!


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