I Have Super Powers!

Oh yes, I have super powers.  It’s amazing the things that I can do.

I mean, out of six people in this house, I am the only one who knows how to put a new roll of toilet paper on the paper holder

Additionally, I am the only one who realizes that if you continue to pile trash in an overflowing trash can, that the law of gravity takes over and the garbage will spill into the floor.

Moreover, another super power that I have is the ability to empty said trash can and put a fresh, new trash can liner in the can.

I also have super vision. I’m the only one who sees the piles of junk on the counters and takes care of getting the junk where it belongs.

I’m so amazing. It seems that my super vision extends even further than that. I can explain the exact location of an item in the pantry. However, I am the only one who can see that item. The other people in this house simply stand there yelling, “It’s not there! I promise!”

I also have super hearing. I could hear my babies sniffle and cough from all the way across the house. I also can hear a tattle, whine, or disagreement from upstairs, so I can intervene before things get too bad.

I am amazing. While I may not look as good in a red, white, and blue bikini as Wonder Woman,
I’m still pretty incredible.


What’s Your Super Power?


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