Smile Lines

I celebrated my 36th birthday in September and as I look into the mirror, I can see the signs that age is showing a bit on my face. There are a few grays that I’ve recently started covering up, my eyes have a few fine lines, and…well, I could go on. But, most women who get closer to 40 starts looking into the mirror a little more closely and scrutinizing themselves for signs of the inevitable. You all know what I mean.

I find myself studying the faces of older people, men and women alike, to see how they are faring in the age department. I’ve begun to notice something. The lines on people’s faces reflect so much about their inner person.

The older folks who have sweet, cheerful personalities sport happy lines around their eyes and indentations around their mouths that prove to the world that they’ve spent a majority of their time with a lovely smile pasted on their faces.

However, there are people whose lines betray other, less admirable traits.

Those who’ve spent a large amount of time pursing their lips in disapproval, have tiny etchings around their lips.

Those who have a generally unhappy outlook have droopy jowls and sagging lips, permanently creased into a bulldog mouth.

The grumps have large creases between their eyes as they’ve spent hours frowning at others.

Of course, I know there’s usually more to it than that, and I am spending a stupid amount of time judging people on their appearances, but I’ve noticed a huge correlation in the relation of the inner person to the appearance of the outer person.

Perhaps if the grumps began cultivating a heart of joy, their faces would begin to reflect what’s going on in their hearts. Perhaps if the grouches began counting their blessings, their skin would relax into new folds of happiness on their faces. Maybe if the old crabs began reflecting on Jesus more than the behavior others, those tiny lip creases would not be more noticeable as the face is more often stretched into smiles.

I don’t know,

But what I do know is this. I want my face to reflect a lifetime of joy, happiness, and contentment, even when we have a rotten day, week, or year. If I’m going to get lines (and I have to face it that I can’t afford cosmetic surgery to tighten loose skin and wrinkles) I want them to be happy lines.

As we come to the end of 2015, I am resolved to smile more. This year has been a difficult year for our family for many reasons (and I plan on posting about that in a few days) But, I still have so very much to be thankful for. I have a genuine source of joy that cannot be touched by my circumstances. My face should reflect that, even in the midst of frustration, grief, and annoyance.

Image from page 98 of "Fall River, Massachusetts, a publication of personal points pertaining to a city of opportunity" (1911)


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  1. Rebeca Jones
    Dec 31, 2015 @ 17:30:43

    “But what I do know is this. I want my face to reflect a lifetime of joy, happiness, and contentment, even when we have a rotten day, week, or year.” Amen!! Well said!


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