Clean in ’16: Week One, Part 1

This morning, we were out of eggs, my normal breakfast food, so I had to cook cream of wheat. Which boiled over in the microwave. Since I had a mess to clean up, I went ahead and wiped out the whole microwave and scrubbed the plate thing in the bottom.

Other chores I hope to tackle this week from my quarterly list are:

  • Cleaning the oven (it’s on right now. I’m quite thankful for the self-cleaning feature on my oven.
  • Working on my closet. (it’s a disaster. I also need to tackle my older girls’ closet, but that may not happen this week)

Chores from my monthly list to do this week:

  • Washing all the rugs in the house.
  • Wiping down the outside of my kitchen cupboards.
  • Cleaning out the freezer.
  • Cleaning up the garage (total disaster)

Now my weekly cleaning usually happens on several days per week. Usually, I have Monday or Tuesday afternoons clear for some cleaning. Weekly cleaning never happens on  Wednesdays because we’re out of the house till suppertime that day. Thursdays, I can generally get some chores done before I go to work at my part time job.

For today and tomorrow, I need to clean the bonus room, including vacuuming the stairs (one of the kids does this) dusting, vacuuming, wiping baseboards, and cleaning out couches.

I also want to get the bathrooms done and get the kids’ rooms straightened, dusted, and vacuumed.

If these things don’t happen early this week, my Thursday and Friday will be full indeed, because Saturday is packed!

I anticipate that today and tomorrow, I will spend about an hour each day cleaning, but that means that I can take Wednesday off completely and have light cleaning on Thursday and Saturday.  Friday will probably be another hour of cleaning though.



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  1. fairfarmhand79
    Feb 02, 2016 @ 10:41:10

    Well, yesterday, I got a good start on the garage. The bathrooms are sparkling and my rugs are clean. The microwave was clean until someone overflowed a cup of hot cocoa in it last night. Grr. I got about halfway through cleaning my bonus room. I need to complete that today. We’re staying home all day, so I should be able to make some good progress on my list today.

    I also have a sick lamb in my garage so I have to make time to tend to her.


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