Cleaning This Week Part 2

Today, I have to work. So, I’ll just get done what I can.

My floors need attention, and I still haven’t wiped down the outside of the kitchen cabinets. So that’s happening today too.

Despite the fact that my kids said that they cleaned their bathroom, it smells like a public urinal in there. I need to investigate that and figure out what’s the problem.

Going to try to get the laundry room cleaned today too. (Wipe down appliances, baseboards, and surfaces. Straighten it up, clean the floor. It really does get dusty in there. I guess it’s all the lint. )

I need to do bedsheets today too, and I need to work on finishing the freezer. Or at least make some progress on it. I did get a good start on it earlier this week. (Where did all the mess in the bottom of the freezer come from? Random chocolate chips, old Popsicles, and I also found leaves in there. Leaves? Where does this stuff come from?)

My closet looks amazing! I am so proud of it. It’s not perfect, but since it’s on the monthly list, I’ll come back to it next month and work on it some more. My hope is that many of these bigger, daunting areas will eventually become tidy if I tackle them on a monthly basis.


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