Cleaning This Week

I’ve been at loose ends this week.

A trip out of town on Sunday-Monday, a bottle lamb in my house, and the sluggishness from not sleeping while out of town meant that my cleaning routine hasn’t made much progress.

Winter 2016 004

However, I have done SOMETHING.

The living room and bonus room were cleaned yesterday since we invited friends over for an afternoon of fun and games. The fridge is sparkling clean and I’m making progress on the freezer.

Laundry has stayed caught up. Bedsheets have been changed and in a few minutes, I’m going to tackle the bathroom and my bedroom. The shower in the kids’ bathroom has been cleaned several times since the bottle lambs took baths in there. (Yes, I did clean lamb poop out of a bathtub. Yuck!)

I got my first semester grade reports complete too. So, I’ve had a productive week, even if I’ve felt groggy and out of sorts.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle the rest of my weekly cleaning chores. I also hope to finish washing the glassware on display in my kitchen (monthly) and clean out my pantry (monthly). Last week, I never did get the laundry room cleaned up, so I do need to work on that too (monthly). And if I can get to it, I can clean out my dishwasher to knock that one off the quarterly list.

Now that I’m a few weeks into my new cleaning routine, I’m finding that I’ve made a ton of progress and my house isn’t as overwhelming to me. It’s a nice feeling and I think I could get used to it.

My rotations mean that each chore isn’t as bad when I get to it. For instance, I’m not dreading cleaning the pantry out because I did it last month and it’s not too bad. So that’s a good thing.


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